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My next painting will be a Magpie

April 30, 2017

and if you want to paint along, come on over to Magpie on Patreon and check  it out.

wmmagpie swoop closer

All kinds of new and exciting things have been happening.  I’m drifting away from wordpress to Patreon and hope you will follow me there.  I will post more info here for any of my wonderful followers through the years that are still watching this poor forgotten page of mine.



Dames Rocket Ranch WaterColour on Paper 9×12

October 16, 2012

my newest watercolour

Dames Rocket Ranch

Dames Rocket Ranch

watercolour on paper


I have loved this little corner of the southwest outside of Durango, Colorado on the way to Bayfield, CO.

I wish I could find my friends Billy and Rusty to show them this.

original watercolour on paper 9″x12″  $150.

I can invoice you if you are interested….

Mountains are always soooo beautiful, as are horses

October 29, 2011

Durango, Colorado with the "La Platas"


I’ve been trying ot copy a blog I did about this painting back in 2009.  I love this piece.  I Adore this little painting I created one year for Christmas gifts to family and very close friends.  It was fun and inspiring to paint each scene the same, yet different.  I love painting again. And this little guy has become a fast favorite on my Store on Esty

Cerulean BluePurple Pony Watercolor


and horses and mountains speak the same language to me.

I hope you enjoy him and feel free to purchase anyway you can think of to make.  What do you think this magical pony would look good on????

fabric,  business cards???  wall art on Canvas?  give me some ideas and lets see what we come up with.  I’m up to suggestions

The La Plata Mountains over Durango, Colorado Original Watercolour


Thanks for coming here and leaving little bits of nice………

peace n abundance,



Oh Yeah here’s the post I was trying to copy “watercolor mountains”

early California poppie painting

May 6, 2009
just a doodle of calif. poppies

just a doodle of calif. poppies

this painting came about cause I had never seen California Poppies before.  I grew up in Missouri and moved out west when I was 19 (I’ve never looked back).  I got married young started having children and then we bought a home west of Durango, Colorado in a tall deep valley called Lightner Creek.  I was so excited to see this yard and what might be planted here, but I had to wait.  The day we moved in was Thanksgiving of 1983 and the snow was so deep that year we didn’t see the ground again till spring. When it was warm enough, I was out the door and diggin’ in the Earth.  Well out front of this house were all these little weeds and I started pulling and pulling and pulling some more, but there was no end in sight.  I had just had my baby daughter in Feb and I had a nineteen month old needing my attentions at that time so I never got around to pulling all those little pesky weeds out of that front bed.  And boy am I glad I didn’t, they were the most glorious little bright orange flowers I had ever seen.  I was so mesmerized by their transparant qualities that I just had to try and capture them on paper.  and this is what I came up with….. this was the real start of my learning watercolour.

strange feelings goin’ round

September 20, 2008

is anyboby else feeling weird, strange, not quite right these days? 

I’m getting ready for my mini road trip to ABQ and then up to Durango with my daughter to help pack my son up for his move  north to Washington, so I should be totally estatic, but there is just some sort of something going on.


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