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watercolor cosmos are where I’m at right now

July 13, 2013
'Basket of Summer' watercolor on paper 9x12 CheyAnne Sexton

‘Basket of Summer’ watercolor on paper 9×12 CheyAnne Sexton

This was my first attempt without drawing it out first. Plein air painting from my easy chair looking out into my garden.  I did lay down some misket (I love that stuff).  And my kinda first attempt at multi-petaled flowers too.  Not so sure how to go about them.  I really like a few of them tho, especially the one on the bottom right and how it’s hanging in the air.   At least that’s how it looks me.

I went to youtube to do some research  and found a great 2 part video that inspired me to finish when I got stuck.

Painting Flowers Loosely in watercolour part 2 of 2 by Peter Wood

I watched the number 2 part of this first and then went looking for number one.  I love how he adds dabs and dabs of little bits of color to create depth  and vibrance to his painting.  And what an undertaking to paint such a garden as this.  I want to try this now.

Painting Flowers Loosely in watercolour part 1 of 2 by Peter Wood


Here is my second much freer attempt:

'White cosmos over Orange' watercolor on paper 9x12 CheyAnne Sexton

‘White cosmos over Orange’ watercolor on paper 9×12 CheyAnne Sexton

This one I didn’t draw or even add misket too,  which I am pretty proud of.  I just started at the top and worked my way down.  When white of the paper was there I created another flower or a bud.  Now I’m off to try more.

Both originals are for sale and giclee prints upon request.  If you click the picture it ought to take you straight to my Etsy store where you can purchase them.  Let me know you found it here and I will pay for shipping.

Love hearing what you think or feel so please leave a comment.

Peace n Abundance,




‘with the door open’ watercolor of my honey napping

June 24, 2013

yesterday, when my honey and I got back from our hike into the mountains, where there is live water, my sweetie laid down for a nap.  I couldn’t resist.

'With the door Open'

‘With the door Open’ watercolor on paper 3×5

It’s kinda cool taking pictures of your work because then you can really see where you need to correct things….like the door swung open.  It’s a glass door and with the limited colors, I realized too late that the glassy door would be the same colors of the walls,  too confusing I think.  Maybe I’ll do a bigger one and plan it out a bit more.  And to make the hanging beads stand out just a pinch more.  And also to make his arm look as tho it is on the bed not hanging over.   But over-all I am really pleased…..well maybe his leg-foot thingy is kinda whompus.

Why are we so over critical of our own art?  I would probably never see any of these things if someone else had created this.  Thanks for looking and any feedback is fine by me.

I used:

Winsor Newton – paynes grey, opera rose,

Daniel Smith – quin deep gold

Schmincke – chrome orche, and teal green

I feel very grateful and blessed with my life

peace n abundance,


beyond the woods, with a fat little bunny, to the plum blossom tree

April 14, 2013

Busy week and productive one too.  I lOVE Spring.  I feel so motivated about my art and creating.  Also learning new things about the business end of it all.

This is actually the first week in a long, long time that I have posted two posts in one week.  I wrote about a returning robin enjoying our little ponds of water to take a much needed bath after their migration.

AND I’ve been painting: not really big paintings, but watercolor sketches of plum blossoms

'Plum Blossoms'    watercolor on paper original 9x12    (cropped)

‘Plum Blossoms’ watercolor on paper original 9×12 (cropped)

'Plum Blossom' watercolor on Paper 9x12

‘Plum Blossom’ watercolor on Paper 9×12


and I went beyond the woods:

'Beyond the Woods'   ~  watercolor on paper  ~ original 9x12

‘Beyond the Woods’ ~ watercolor on paper ~ original 9×12


and found me a fat, little green bunny:  (just the first, well second layer) of Winsor Newton Paynes Grey with Sap Green…..


bunny, bunny so fat and round…why do you look all green?


Just need to add some more detail and fix a few things and I might call her good.  We will see tomorrow.  I found this little sweetie in a new store in town, kinda like a Ross, with a little bit of everything thrown in.  Couldn’t resist her for 2 bucks.

I hope everyone’s weekend was fabulous,

peace n abundance,






Two Yupo watercolours and our coyote

February 10, 2013

It’s been another long week because I’ve had a new crud this week.  I’ll tell you, I Am Sick of being Sick.  I am well now and Will Stay that way (I tell myself over and over). I painted this weekend and it feels so good.  First I’m finishing my ballerina “Flooded in Light” and will soon take photos and post her for sale.  Then I pulled out some Yupo paper I still have and traced a few of my favorite sketches.  This one

Under the Milky Way

Under the Milky Way

this was a combo of a few sketches put together and I really had no idea where it would go, but that’s the beauty of Yupo paper.  When you don’t like it you can wipe it down and start again.  The marker lines stay, but I always kinda like my lines in pieces and always debate whether to erase them or not.   How do you handle that?

This image is taken propped up on the window,

on the window

on the window

This other piece is a favortie sketch of mine and after looking at the painting thur being photographed I think I want to start over on this one and even change the initial sketch a bit.



"July in Rachael's lap"

“July in Rachael’s lap”

the whole bottom leg thing bothers me.  I need to bring her pink shorts straight out and give her a bit of a calf where the kitten is lying.  don’t you think?

And I saw our little female coyote again this week. As I went to take the trash out I saw just her back through the meadow so I snuck back in real quick, grabbed my camera and as quietly as I could got back out side.  I made it to the top of the drive way knowing she would cross somewhere close enough to capture her.  Little did I know she would walk right towards me

she turned up the drive

she turned up the drive


right towards me

right towards me

unfortunately I shake a bit too much with my longer lens.

WMFeb052013_1181 WMFeb052013_1183 WMFeb052013_1186 WMFeb052013_1188 WMFeb052013_1207

If you notice her ear is always cocked towards me because she could hear me the whole time and this last time she looked right at me

'before she faded away'

‘before she faded away’

I can’t add any of these to my Etsy site because they just aren’t clear enough.

This is the reason I am putting out to the universe that I could really use a camera with image stabilization and a higher quality, bigger lens……


Hope your week was happy and healthy and the next one is even better.

peace n abundance,






white water flowers in watercolor

January 20, 2013

Last summer on one of our fishing forays out into the surrounding country-side we headed north up towards Costilla, New Mexico.  This is a wonderful drive along the western side our San de Cristo mountain range. When we come upon the Costilla (rib) turn-off and head due east, straight into the mountains themselves. We follow Costilla Creek in all it’s rich and moist greenness compared to where we live up on a high and dry, piñon covered mesa range of the mountains.  My honey fishes while I photograph anything and everything I think is beautiful.  One little spot next to the creek was so green and cool and smelled so sweet….

tres blanco flores

tres blanco flores

I’ve posted this somewhere because I love it so, but for now it inspired my still feeling under the weather brain.

so I doodled and played with three (tres) which turned into four (quatro) white (blanco) water (aqua) flowers (flores)





water in watercolour

water in watercolour

white waterflowers artdesk

white waterflowers artdesk

I used Paynes Grey, cadmium yellow pale, sap green and viridian hue green, all Winsor Newton colors.


Today is/was my Grandmothers birthday.  She always remembered mine because I was born two days before hers.  It was one of our special things that she shared with just me.  I miss Grandma Hogard (my father’s mother).

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