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Blues and Golds of a Snowy Winter Windy Day

December 26, 2021
wall art
Tossed by the Wind – watercolour by CheyAnne Sexton

A watercolour painted with gold paint SOLD and then that image put through an editing program.

I love it.

I’ll be adding this to my Society6 page.

Where you can get my art and lots of other great artists art on items.

Like shower curtains and duvets, bath towels and curtains, pouches and shopping bags.

Check it out


Day 5 YellowGreen Springtime Tree watercolor

January 5, 2017



YellowGreen springtime Tree watercolor on paper by CheyAnne Sexton


Day 5 YellowGreen Springtime Tree watercolor was fun and a learning curve.

colors of feburary

February 17, 2013

Went for a walk down to the river with my honey.  Haven’t been down here since before I was ill, so it felt great to get out and really breath deep and feel the weather again.  Beautiful day. He loves to fish and of course I love to take my camera (just in case).  I always try to be optimistic when I go and hope to catch some birds, some life when it is very cold, every shade of brown you can image and the amazing river running through it all.

I walked slowly up to the pond which is chained off for the elderly and young.  I was expecting some geese and saw this little head peeking up instead

an egret or heron

an egret or heron

heard me

heard me


readying to fly

readying to fly

wasn't ready at all

wasn’t ready at all


Colors of February can be found inside as well

Colors of February can be found inside as well

then I took a nap……

Have a glorious week.  I keep thinking and planning for spring, which is right around the corner and I can’t wait.

peace n abundance,





almost unreal

January 24, 2011

almost unreal, originally uploaded by newmexicomtngirl.

just going thru my flowers that I have uploaded to flickr. They all just blow me away. This Earth is incredible don’t cha’ think?

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