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December 26, 2021

December 26, 2021
WithIn by CheyAnne Sexton

It’s that time of year again. One of my favorites actually because I was born in the winter month of January so there is that propensity of loving winter anyway.

And second Because the days get longer each and every day.

My favorite.

Interesting seeing my blog come up again.

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From Life off the Grid, Happy New Year

December 27, 2009

a setting December 25th, 2007 Full Moon n Hawk

With all the building, moving out of a rental house, setting up house in a small overhead camper thru the summer, storing the extra house stuff, working, living, playing, fishing, blogging, taking photos, reading, gardening, watering, collecting water to water with, harvesting, storing, insulating the dome, moving into the dome, cooking in the dome, heating the dome, stopping any leaks that we hadn’t planned on in the dome, collecting firewood, then giving in and buying chopped and ready to burn from local wood cutters (because that takes A LOT of precious time  away from other projects), setting up this small internet connection, surfing the internet, working with two solar panels and two solar batteries, learning the ins and outs of a generator that runs on gasoline for those rainy/ snowy days without enough sunshine to power up the batteries, eating, crying (once in a while out of frustration and just plain ol’ crying for cryings sake),  traveling to see my children in Seattle, painting the dome, furnishing the dome, putting in a window, building a door out of the screen door, figuring out the pros and cons of a poop-pot, cleaning that stuff that happens every day from the poop-pot, cooking with the wood stove and trying out new recipes, feeding the birds, fixing things that break, drawing, designing, figuring, making money to  fund this life style (which is WAY better than paying rent to someone else’s pocket)(and cheaper too), shoveling snow, keeping a cooler full of food from freezing, sleeping, loving, giving, to saying our prayers of Abundance, Peace, Love, Health, Happiness, Jing, and Thank You for all we already have.


I hope everyone who reads this now and in the furture has a very wonderful New 2010 Year,

CheyAnnski the bushgirl, cause she lives and loves in the bush……..

P.s. don’t forget the second full moon this month,

December 31st, 2009/2010

they call that a Blue Moon don’t they?

as the moon set, the hawk stayed still, Dec. 25th 2007

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