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Winter glow of a Full Moon

December 28, 2021

This was a few years ago but I couldn’t resist.

It’s just been so gloomy and this is soooo pretty.



10th watercolour #Jan30in30 – goldFinch Flushed …out

January 11, 2015

for the January 30in30 Challenge

goldFinch Flushed ... out on paper by CheyAnne Sexton

goldFinch Flushed … out on paper by CheyAnne Sexton


This is from a photo I took this summer/fall, pre-autumn, late summer here  in northern New Mexico.  A stunning time for light and colors.  Deep golds that blossom into brilliant yellows in the southwestern sun of this part of the Earth.  I was fascinated  with the little gold finches that fly through eating the seed on the way south for the winter.  They stay just long enough to recognize their little body shapes and flashes of color, the way they flit through the lower bushes and Piñon trees. Many more flashes of bright yellow/orange into the tree-line. Siskin’s stay longer and aren’t as skittish or as flashy.

colors used: phthocyanine blue, Winsor Violet, Sap Green, Hookers green, Quinacridone gold Deep, Nickel Quinacridone by M. Graham

I’m wanting to use this as a study for a larger really layer painting.  I bought 2 nice pieces of 300 lb watercolour paper at my local art store, and I’ve been looking for a super saturated, many layered watercolor.

It’s been in my head for a long time, I’m just not quite sure which one yet


Thank you so much looking in, and if you would like to add a comment I would love to hear from you.


propsero ano neuvo/ prosperous year new

Happy New Year



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Looking back through my photos posted on my Blog in the past

December 29, 2014

I found these gems I forgot all about:

I just loved the colors of this early April Spring day here in El Salto of northern New Mexico.  I was taking a coworker home up a road I really never see and on this day the weather was magical.  Full of snow and spitting sleet.  Spring colors were popping everywhere and acequia’s were starting to run full of snow melt.

New Mexico acequia in El Salto

New Mexico acequia in El Salto

red willows in El Salto, New Mexico. April 2014

red willows in El Salto, New Mexico. April 2014

Across the road the misty air was thick with moisture.

I still get excited every single time I spot a horse

I still get excited every single time I spot a horse

On another spring time day, but this one down in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, my honey was tiling the farmers new house and I was sneaking up, or rather trying to sneak up on the new spring lambs down by the riverside.  Aren’t they just so fun and frisky?

'bleep' says the lamb

‘bleep’ says the lamb

Spring is just my favorite season of all and now that winter has finally arrived I’ve started dreaming of spring.

brand new and Lovin' Life

brand new and Lovin’ Life by CheyAnne Sexton

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september 2014 in n mex photography

September 15, 2014

from the day before yesterday when I left you with the ‘Robin Stare’

Got the robin stare

Got the robin stare

to the same day but the opposite time of it


september evening in northern new Mexico by CheyAnneSexton


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Friday Finds – unexpected gifts

July 12, 2013

I walk down along the river with my honey alot and every time I search for new things to photograph.  One can only take so many pictures of river shots and water, canyon walls and empty trails.  So I search out the birds and the butterflys and anything else that catches my eye or moves in that case.

I was looking for butterflys dancing around, but this year seems to be void of them. I catch a far off glimpse of a yellow swallowtail (at least I think thats what it is) ,  but nothing close enough to get good shots of.  I was headed back to the car, kinda lollygaging and I was running my hand over the tops  of this clover field I was walking along.   Deep purple, almost black clover, spring bright, pretty purple clover and soft, sweet, pale white clover that the butterflys go crazy for. I was so enjoying the sweet smell in the air and feeling the tops of the flowers brushing my hand… I realized that this was my unexpected gift.  I turned back to shoot not knowing if I could capture the essence of a whole patch of clover or not, but I enjoyed it so that I  just had to try.

A pathway full of clover





Which crop do you like best?

If you want to join in Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds just head over to her amazing blog and check it out.  She is super talented and awesome with textures.

As always,

Peace n Abundance to you and yours and I hope your summer is wonderful,



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