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Blue Water under a Full Moon

December 28, 2021
Blue Water under a Full Moon acrylic by CheyAnne Sexton

When I finally picked up oils again I had been watching some acrylic painters on Instagram.

So I tried those too.

My honey loved this too much to sell

So it hangs on our black propane frig (which we are so thankful for).

I’ll post this to Society6 for prints, coasters, blank booklets and many, many more items with this printed on them. I hope you can check it out.



magical winter light

December 5, 2013

Crow Feathers n Bell in the Piñon by CheyAnne

Crow Feathers n Bell in the Piñon by CheyAnne

feathers in the light,

What else can be so sweet?

Winter Smoke

'Winter Smoke'  Giclee Photograph   by CheyAnne Sexton

‘Winter Smoke’ Giclee Photograph by CheyAnne Sexton

I entered this one in  My Shot on National Geographic.  Anyone can sign up and add your own.

I added another shot years ago after our trip driving down to Mexico:

first saying his prayers as he meets the ocean

“First Things First”by CheyAnne Sexton saying his prayers first

I use to love that magazine and even signed up for it one  year.

the early am ocean @ Mazatlan

the early am ocean @ Mazatlan

my daughter loves this one and so do I

peace n abundance,


missing Mexico and my hita and my son so much

don’t cha’ think, yes?

September 28, 2012


as an overview of my flower photography

as an overview of my flower photography


I noticed just the other day that I am finally finding a style in my photography, but most especially in my floral photography.  I firmly believe that it really shines, don’t cha think?

peace n abundance,



collecting beautiful artwork from others

March 28, 2012

Seems like artist everywhere like to share their amazing work.  they price it as low as they can so people that see it, love it right away, and then see a price and love that too.

I’ve been collecting art from other artist over the 5 years I’ve been on Etsy.  And even longer really….. back in my college days  (@31 and 32) and from my mother always….

One of my latest purchases is from

Rose and Max (husband and wife) created this little wonderful, super sweet

Raspberry Finch by EcoProduct

They have amazing art.  Check them out and find something for yourself or maybe your special someone that you like to buy for.

Isn’t it just the sweetest thing?  and all the little brushstrokes just get me evderytime

Blue, Antwerp Blue watercolor SOLD

July 15, 2011

I lOVE this painting and have since the moment I had the thought, created the painting, and now even more because I SOLD it.  YEAH…. Singapore here it comes

Blue Antwerp Blue



and if you have any photos or ideas that you would love to have as a watercolor e mail me or contact me thru my Etsy Store after you have a look-see.



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