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Roses one night

January 12, 2017

I love photography and editing and ……

I love painting with watcolours and playing with water and paint to create delious color on paper……

So tonight I edited, after painting



My SalmonRed rose


My Lipstick Rose

Had so much fun



Yellow Knockout Roses

February 24, 2013

grown indoors are just amazing when they bloom and they smell like sweet sunshine too

close up

close up

three at once

three at once

stunning Knockout roses

stunning Knockout roses

and tomorrow is four

and tomorrow is four

I adore yellow roses and the smell of these is so lovely on the summer breeze.  Maybe I’ll dig up a photo of this plant outside in the summertime.

Hope your week is amazing,

peace n abundance,



California Poppy, Morning Glory and Rosebush in the ground

June 14, 2010

orange on purple

Finally, I got my new seedlings in the ground.  All my calif. poppies are planted in a couple different small beds. and one pot of 6 Morning Glories are in two different places (6 more to go)

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Got our sweet little grocery store rose transplanted from it’s first bed of the year to I hope, it’s permanent  home.

Little White Roses watercolor original painting

And moved the Black Widow and her old beat-up bucket (that I collected, just for the alter) FINALLY!!!  Black Widows just freak me out, but i can’t help it and I really try not to kill them (if I can help it).  I don’t have a photo of one of them, but I know what they look like.

if you like any of the photos they are avaiable on my Red Bubble site for sale in all different sizes and kinds. And the original painting is avaible on my etsy store.  Thank you for looking

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